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What is your favorite brand identity?

Goofy is the only classic Disney character who has had sex.





Mickey has nephews, Donald has nephews, Goofy has a son.

And he wasn’t adopted, he looks just like him.

Goofy… has had sex.
Goofy… has known a woman biblically.

Imagine what it must’ve looked like.
Imagine what it sounded like.

These are the things I think about when I wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat.





this is what you get for following me. put these words in your eyes

ever heard of a little thing called ‘the stork’, pal

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In this paper I will present my proposal that nuclear weapon use by crows is a worrying development that threatens the safety of the western world. In their paper published in Nature by Hunt et al, they provide the example of New Caledonian crows ( Corvus moneduloides ) which manufacture and use of two different types of hook tool to aid prey capture. There is an undeniable increase in nuclear weapon stockpilling by rogue actors. The world nuclear association case study on proliferation shows both North Korea and Iran devoting signifiant resources to development of nuclear weapons. Based on this supporting evidence I am confident stating the rogue crows in our nations woodland already have a stockpile of yellow cake uranium.



  In conclusion, all hail our corvid overlords.



Anonymous asked: Can someone get one of your artwork tattooed (with a signature on the cornor of the tattoo and/or by giving you a certain amount of money?)


I’ve said this several times before: As long as you credit me to the tattoo artist and anyone who asks and send me a photo of the finished tattoo, go ahead!

you need a tattoo FAQ


John F. Kennedy, President of Americania, travels trough France on horseback.
In Lorraine he meets the Vosgian Beast, a mythical and fierce creature, feared in the whole area.
JFK is drawn into a speedy duel and looses himself deeper and deeper in the dark and haunted forest.

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i’m reblogging this and now you all have to see it. get wrecked, followers


i’m reblogging this and now you all have to see it. get wrecked, followers

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The Dubious Anecdote


After a drop in the company’s profits, George’s boss requires he take a rudimentary business course at a city community college. George begrudgingly complies, only to learn that the professor discusses nothing but his own cartoonishly liberal political opinions. The ideas he espouses are so ludicrous that George can’t help but suspect the man is being ironic. Nevertheless, he finds himself increasingly swayed by them.

Kramer befriends a Marine, but quickly tries to distance himself when he discovers the man reacts with hyperbolic violence to anything he finds disagreeable. Kramer’s attempts to cut off contact only infuriate the Marine, who bullies him into sticking around.

Elaine, feeling acutely aware of her disempowerment, joins a movement to guarantee women equal pay and treatment.

Desperate for more audience members after a few poor performances, Jerry tells Kramer to bring his new friend along to the next show. Kramer tries to refuse, but with the Marine standing right there, he’s too afraid to say anything that might anger the man.

During his set, Jerry makes a joke that the Marine finds “too liberal”. He rushes up and punches Jerry in the mouth, knocking him off the stage.

"Why the heck’d you do that?" asks Jerry, returning to the stage, rubbing his sore jaw.

"God was busy keeping our troops safe," replies the Marine, "so he sent me to keep you in line."

Jerry immediately apologizes and leaves the theater, vowing to use his comedy career to foster goodwill toward America’s troops. George suddenly realizes that everything he had come to believe from his liberal professor was a lie, and runs to the nearest Marine recruitment center to enlist. Elaine quits the equal rights movement, realizing that women are inferior to men, especially strong and amazing men like the Marine. She asks him on a date but he rejects her because women shouldn’t ask men on dates. Then he asks her out instead, and she accepts. Kramer runs back to his apartment, locking himself in his closet, muttering “don’t mess with Marines” to himself repeatedly.

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